Friday, February 24, 2006


Asp.Net project hell

Yet again I have lost several hours due to Asp.Nets definately flacky web projects in VS.Net 2003.
This has happened to me several times. Sometimes I can fix it but I am never quite sure what does it in the end. This time I had to resort to using a different web project name.

Basically, I was adding a new web project and every time added it, it would add it but then say "project unavailable". If I closed the solution and opened it would then say "can't find file" or some such message. I deleted every trace of the project from my computer, including in IIS and all related files. I then tried again, and still got the same error.
I then tried a project with a different name. this worked fine...go figure
I didn't really want a different name though so I tried (in vain) to get it to work with the original name. I checked everything from webinfo file, to project files, to source safe working folders. Nothing worked.

So in the end I now have a project with a name which isn't quite what I wanted...

I haven't used VS.NET 2005 yet, but I really hope this problem is resolved...

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