Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Sourcesafe maintenance

I've been a sourcesafe user for a number of years...never quite understood some the wacky things it does in combination with visual studio sometimes, but anyway...
I was reading this article on sourcesafe best practice and found out that I should have been running analyze.exe once a week (at least monthly)....hmmmm....how about never...
so now I'm thinking I really should analyze my vss db.
So I ran analyze in analyze-only mode (i.e. not fix) and I have quite a few "potentially serious errors or inconsistencies".
Now the question is...should I run analyze and let it fix those inconsistencies. Given that no-one has reported any problems am I going to introduce a whole bunch of problems by fixing the inconsistencies.
This article has some useful info on backing up the database as well as analyzing it. For instance, not analyzing over a UNC share.
Anyway, I think the key is to backup the database first and then run analyze on the backup to work out what the damage might be...I think this is a task for next week...its waited this long...so another week won't hurt. Will it?....

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